Improving Your Child’s Life

Welcome to the Children’s Autism Center. At CAC, we’re a group of dedicated parents and staff members who understand that evaluating and developing personalized services can dramatically improve the lives of children living with autism. When it comes to addressing your child’s challenges, we focus on evidence-based therapies that deliver growth while providing your child with the skills they need to be successful.

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Learn how our ABA therapies and services can dramatically improve your child’s life.

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We offer four convenient locations throughout Northeast Indiana to better serve your needs.

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Services We Provide

The staff and Board of Directors at the Children’s Autism Center strives to improve the lives of others with comprehensive care, a standard of excellence, and by demonstrating the passion, playfulness, and the tenacity that drives us every day. At CAC, our commitment is to guide the development and delivery of services that positively impact your child, your family, and our community. We call this our “Person-centered philosophy.” Click here to learn more about CAC’s approach.

ABA Services

ABA therapy programs are designed by BCBAs and implemented by RBTs to target skill-based deficits associated with an autism diagnosis.

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Social Skills Groups

Children’s Autism Center provides social skills groups to learners between the ages of 3-21. These groups use evidence-based curricula that are developmentally appropriate.

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Speech Therapy

We utilize a team approach to target communication skills using ABA principles. All of our speech and language therapy offerings are provided by a licensed SLP.

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How We Make a Difference

“I like working at CAC because every day is a surprise. I never know what new things I’m going to learn or what exciting experiences will happen. Working at CAC has been great. I enjoyed going to the center and working with all our clients. But since starting in-home therapy, I realized I don’t only like my job. I LOVE it.”

— Cheyene G., RBT, Pod Trainer

“During COVID, I had the same client for most of the time. During that time, he was so patient through all changes and continued to excel with his programming. It showed me that our kiddos are super resilient, and we can be too! That’s one of the many reasons I love working for CAC. The kids teach me as much as I teach them! ”

— Alyssa S., RBT

“Children’s Autism Center is more than just an organization; it is a family of people dedicated to the growth and support of its kids, families, and community. I’m honored to work in such an enriching and supportive environment! One of the best parts of my job is being able to journey with a client and to see their growth! ”

— Corinne B., MA, RBT

“I love working for CAC. They have been nothing but supportive and caring. Everyone here is like a family, and the kids are just amazing. I’m happy to come in every day and could not see myself anywhere else. Everyone here has a passion for helping kids and grow with them every day. Kids are happy to be here and see smiles and cheer in every room.”

— Ana N., RBT

“I believe working at CAC is like working at Disney World! There is so much joy and so many great things that happen! CAC is truly where dreams come true for not only the clients, but the parents and the staff working alongside that client. It is filled with magic by the power of ABA therapy! CAC is a wonderful place to be to watch these clients learn, grow, and bloom.”

— Megan F., BA, RBT

“I have been an RBT at CAC for four and a half years, and the milestones that I have watched clients reach are nothing short of AMAZING. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you’re helping individuals reach these millstones, live their best lives, and do it with a company that lives their mission daily. ”

— Monique M. BS, RBT

“I love my job! CAC provides you with an environment where you can continue to learn and grow while fostering growth in others. You build meaningful connections with your coworkers and clients, and our supervisors are always welcoming and encouraging. Work for CAC and experience what it is like to have fun at your job!”

— Olivia S.

“I really could say so much about how amazing CAC is and why I love what I do! I love that I get to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. I get to play, have fun, teach skills, to build relationships, and celebrate the fantastic clients we serve. What I do does make a difference, and I love getting to work with others who share my passion!”

— Kate H., BCaBA

“Recently, one of my clients said goodbye to a therapist who was transferring to another CAC location. He accepted that he was sad to see her go and tolerated the change in routine. He knows that, at CAC, we are here to care for each other! He said, “It is ok because we’re all in this together; that is what CAC is all about!” Wow, this guy gets it! Moments like that are why I love being a part of CAC.”

— Sarah M., M.S., BCBA

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Take Your First Step

Children’s Autism Center is ready to work with you. Whether you want to schedule a visit, learn more about our services, or find out about insurance coverage options, we’re here to help.

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Meet Our Team

The staff at Children’s Autism Center are committed to improving the lives of others. Our team is passionate, energetic, patient, and determined to make a difference.