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Welcome to the Children’s Autism Center. At CAC, we’re a group of dedicated parents and staff members who understand that evaluating and developing personalized services can dramatically improve the lives of children living with autism. When it comes to addressing your child’s challenges, we focus on evidence-based therapies that deliver growth while providing your child with the skills they need to be successful.

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The staff and Board of Directors at the Children’s Autism Center strives to improve the lives of others with comprehensive care, a standard of excellence, and by demonstrating the passion, playfulness, and the tenacity that drives us every day. At CAC, our commitment is to guide the development and delivery of services that positively impact your child, your family, and our community. We call this our “Person-centered philosophy.” Click here to learn more about CAC’s approach.

ABA Services

ABA therapy programs are designed by BCBAs and implemented by RBTs to target skill-based deficits associated with an autism diagnosis.


Social Skills Groups

Children’s Autism Center provides social skills groups to learners between the ages of 3-21. These groups use evidence-based curricula that are developmentally appropriate.


Speech Therapy

We utilize a team approach to target communication skills using ABA principles. All of our speech and language therapy offerings are overseen by a licensed SLP who works with your child’s ABA team.



How we make a difference

"I love working at CAC because I have always felt truly supported by my coworkers and supervisors. There's always someone to help with anything I could possibly imagine asking for. It's obvious how much we care about each other, even when you are new to the facility. CAC and its staff genuinely care to help us all maintain "full cups" so that we may best serve our clients."

— L. L., RBT, South

"Growing up, I had an older stepbrother who was diagnosed with autism. He was in and out of different treatment centers, none that used ABA and none that truly helped him. I am now an older sister to an amazing 9-year-old boy who is diagnosed with autism and has a beautiful mind. I found out about ABA therapy a little over a year ago and wanted to learn more about it and autism in general. After obtaining my RBT certification and joining the ABA therapy world, I found services that would help my little brother and found the community I wanted to help! This has been the best decision I have made, and I do not plan on leaving this field any time soon, especially since joining Children's Autism Center!"

— B. B., RBT, Angola

"CAC will always have a special place in my heart! The care and compassion of working towards our goal and mission are one of the main reasons why I love working at CAC."

— A. S., Lead RBT, South

"I love seeing the faces parents make when you share an accomplishment their child made! Being able to make a difference in someone's life is the reason I love working at CAC."

— S. A., Lead RBT, South

"One of my all-time favorite memories here at CAC is when one of my clients (who I started with) went to school! I remember working on potty training with him and programs to prepare him for school, and now he is thriving! A constant reminder of why I love what I do!"

— A. S., Apprentice, South


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