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Welcome to Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Month is a time to increase understanding and promote acceptance of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD affects people’s communication, social skills, and behavior, and it’s estimated that around 1 in 54 children in the United States are diagnosed with ASD. During April, organizations and families worldwide come together to raise awareness about the challenges faced by people with ASD and the strengths and abilities they overcome with this condition.

For Greta video

For Greta — Dot & Line Brewing

In April, the fantastic and kind folks at Dot & Line Brewing Company are donating a portion of their proceeds from the “For Greta” beer to the Children’s Autism Center. When you have a moment, watch this short video to see the inspiration behind the beer and learn more about Greta and her family. This video is a beautiful story — you won’t be disappointed.

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Online Resources

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Autism Society

At the core of the Autism Society’s work is a goal to influence meaningful change in support of the Autism community.

Austim Society
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Organization Autism Research

They are dedicated to improving the lives of everyone impacted by autism by supporting research that produces meaningful and practical results.

Autism Research

Staff Quotes

We asked a few of our staff members of what it is means to work at the CAC. Here is what they said:

One of my all-time favorite memories here at CAC is when one of my clients (who I started with) went to school! I remember working on potty training with him and programs to get him ready for school, and now he is thriving!! A constant reminder of why I love what I do!

Alyssa S. — Apprentice

Growing up, I had an older stepbrother who was diagnosed with autism. He was in and out of different treatment centers, none that used ABA and none that truly helped him. I am now an older sister to an amazing 9-year-old boy diagnosed with autism who has a beautiful mind. I learned about ABA therapy a little over a year ago and wanted to learn more about it and autism in general. After obtaining my RBT certification and joining the ABA therapy world, I found services that would help my little brother and also found the community I wanted to help! This has been my best decision, and I do not plan on leaving this field any time soon, especially since joining Children’s Autism Center!

Brianna Beckley — RBT

I love working at CAC because I have always felt truly supported by my coworkers and supervisors. There’s always someone to help with anything I could possibly imagine asking for. It’s obvious how much we care about each other, even when you are new to the facility. CAC and its staff genuinely care to help us all maintain “full cups” so that we may best serve our clients.

Lydia Lockwood — RBT

Local sensory-friendly events

Science Central

AWS to provide eight Special Abilities Days. The massive interactive museum changes its programming these days to lower the overall volume, increase light in darker exhibits, have more staff on hand, and provide additional demonstrations.

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Taylor’s Dream

Taylor’s Dream in Kreager Park, off North River Road, is Indiana’s first Boundless Playground. The Playground incorporates three play levels, ensuring kids of all ages and abilities enjoy their visit. The Beta Pod, designed for kids ages 2-12, includes multi-sensory fun in a T-Rex skeleton and an outdoor digital play system.

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Sky Zone

On the second and fourth Sundays of the month, from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m., Sky Zone turns off the music and dedicates an hour to its Special Friends program. Sky Zone drops its prices to $8 per jumper for the hour, and one chaperone gets in for free. Don’t forget to bring your socks!

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Jackson R. Lehman Family YMCA

The Jackson R. Lehman Family YMCA of St. Joe Center Road was built with a unique sensory room. The room is meant to be visually, audibly, and tactically soothing, with several customizable features. Visitors have described it as a “miracle room,” able to immediately calm anyone who steps through its door, especially those overwhelmed by a sensory overload. The room has five stations: a ball pit with a projected lava lamp, a massage chair, colorful tendrils that provide comfort and security, bubble tubes, and colorful tiles. Visitors to Fort Wayne can enjoy many of the Fort Wayne area facilities with a Guest Pass, which is limited to 3 visits per calendar for a small fee.

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Regal Cinemas Goldwater Crossing

At least once a month, in multiple movie theaters, you will find an auditorium with dimmed lights, lowered sound, and audience members talking and walking around. Regal Cinemas at Coldwater Crossing partnered with AWS to create “My Way Matinee,” monthly sensory-friendly movie screenings.

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Jefferson Pointe AMC

AMC and the Autism Society partnered in 2007 to bring families sensory-friendly screenings in theaters nationwide. The Jefferson Pointe AMC offers sensory-friendly screenings once a week to once every two weeks.

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