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Welcome to Connected — your digital library developed and written by the Children’s Autism Center staff. The following articles focus on the latest research and best practices that focus on our mission to improve families. Our goal is to educate and provide the best information for you and your loved ones. When you have a moment, sign up to newsletter to receive more information.

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Vision (September 26, 2005): When a small group of parents first received the news that their children were diagnosed on the autism spectrum, they never dreamed they would open a center for evidence-based services. They were, like most parents, trying to figure out what the diagnosis meant and what ...

Connection with Families: Why is it Vital to Effective Treatment?

At the Children’s Autism Center, we often talk about the need for family involvement in therapy. Some might wonder why we focus so much of our efforts on families when much of the early research in Applied Behavior Analysis with children with ASD focused on intensive center-based early interventio...


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