Children’s Autism Center has been awarded the highest level of accreditation by CARF International for Community Integration and Community Integration with population designation Autism Spectrum Disorders- Children and Adolescents. CARF accreditation is a public seal of trust and commitment to quality based on internationally accepted standards. Achieving this accreditation demonstrates Children’s Autism Center's commitment to exceptional, personalized care. An organization receiving the highest level of CARF accreditation has undergone a detailed peer review process and has demonstrated to a team of surveyors, during an on-site visit, its commitment to providing programs and services of the highest quality. For more information on CARF, visit

Our Services

Children's Autism Center offers a variety of evidence-based ABA services complemented by a variety of assessments such as the M-CHAT with the goal of re-mediating the symptoms of autism. Services are offered year-round with additional programming occurring in the summer for children in the community.

We use a variety of tools from the ABA toolbox. For example, teaching social skills can occur in 1:1 ABA Therapy (in any environment), in Speech Therapy, in Social Skills groups, and in Summer Bridge. We will provide you with our recommendation of services on intake. Our recommendations are made based on your clinician's recommendation, best practice (as determined by decades of research), and our own assessment.

ABA therapy requires parent involvement. You will be provided with a Parent Manual upon enrollment which outlines our procedures. You will also be provided with a document that describes our experience and training, what you can expect from us, and what we need from you to maximize your child's progress. This treatment is a team effort—understanding each member's role is vital to the success of the team.

There are instances in which a client will be discharged. You will be provided with this criteria upon intake. Examples of discharge criteria includes scheduling conflicts (prohibiting client attendance), consistent lack of parents following through on team goals, and mastery of all targets/client met criteria for transition.

If you have questions about which services are right for your child, please call our Family Services Department at (260) 459-6040 or email


Family Services Department

Children’s Autism Center’s Family Services Department offers family support from intake to discharge. The Family Services staff will assist with intake coordination, community resources, parent training and family counseling.    

For additional information please contact Children’s Autism Center at (260) 459-6040 or email

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