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Children’s Autism Center a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization offers a variety of evidence-based ABA autism services complemented by a variety of assessments such as the M-CHAT with the goal of remediating the symptoms of autism. Services are offered year-round with additional programs occurring in the summer for children in the community. ABA therapy requires parental involvement.

You will be provided with a Parent Manual upon enrollment which outlines our procedures.

You will also be provided with a document that describes our experience and training, what you can expect from us, and what we need from you to maximize your child’s progress. This treatment is a joined effort, each member’s role is vital to the success of the team.

If you have questions about which services are right for your child, please contact our Family Services Department at (260) 459-6040 or email intake@childrensautismcenter.org.

ABA Therapy — ABA therapy programs are designed by BCBAs and implemented by RBTs to target skill-based deficits associated with an autism diagnosis.

Speech Therapy — We utilize a team approach to target communication skills using ABA principles. All of our speech and language therapy offerings are overseen by a licensed SLP who works with your child’s ABA team.

Social Skills Groups — Children’s Autism Center provides social skills groups to learners between the ages of 3-21. These groups use evidence-based curricula that are developmentally appropriate.

Parent Training — We offer either individual or group training. Individual parent training is more focused on the specific needs of the child, while group parent training is often teaching a general approach that parents can try at home.

Direct Instruction Group — Learners who are struggling with skills related to Reading, Writing, Language, Math, and/or Problem Solving can catch up on the foundational skills they are missing in CAC’s Direct Instruction Group (DIG).

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