Speech Therapy

At the Children’s Autism Center, our team focuses on ABA principles to target communication skills. Clients receive direct speech and language therapies, consultative speech, language services, as well as in-home parent training.

The team at the Children’s Autism Center includes, the board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA), the speech and language pathologist (SLP), the registered behavior technicians (RBTs), and the caregivers. The SLP and the BCBA collaborate to identify communication skills that focus on each client’s stage throughout the ABA program.

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This program is then carried out by the SLP, the RBT, and the caregivers whenever possible. In our experience, this team approach to teaching communication skills is effective because when our clients participate in repeated practice of communication skills within speech and language therapy, daily ABA therapy sessions, and their homes. They are more like to demonstrate progress toward skill mastery. We also have found that our learners are more likely to generalize and maintain mastered skills with this approach.

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