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Our mission: “Children’s Autism Center, Inc., is dedicated to providing the highest quality, medically supported therapy to children of all ages with autism and developmental/language delays in Northeast Indiana. Children’s Autism Center, Inc. strives to maintain a tuition assistance fund so that all children with a need for services may benefit, regardless of ability to pay.”

In 2005, we developed this mission statement. At that time, the Children’s Autism Center became the second ABA clinic in the state of Indiana. Today, our focus remains the same, but with renewed vigor, and we have seen firsthand the life-changing ability of our ABA therapy.

Please support our work through financial, time, or item donation. We are grateful to our volunteer Board of Directors and every student and adult volunteer who spends time helping us advance our mission. Your time, treasure, and talent donations directly impact children in our community. If you’re interested in offering support, please visit our contact form.

As a 501c3, Children’s Autism Center is owned by the community of Northeast Indiana. As such, our mission is to provide the highest quality, medically necessary therapy to all children with the need, regardless of ability to pay.
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