What to Expect as a Parent Receiving Our Services

By LouAnn Stone
April 28, 2023

At the Children’s Autism Center, we encourage parents to become educated in the practices of ABA therapy. We operate on the team approach and consider the parent to be a co-informant and partner in their child’s therapy. The more the parent is involved in their child’s therapy – the more prepared and confident they feel managing behaviors outside the center. CAC is here to support you as you go on that journey.

Parents/Guardians have ample opportunities to learn about ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy and to be an active part of their child’s team. Below are ways that CAC ensures parents are a part of their child’s care team.

Parent Training: Parents/Guardians are required to attend Parent Training to achieve a working knowledge of ABA. It is important that parents understand the principles of ABA therapy and how we use the principles for our interventions.

Parents will learn about data collection. All of the programs are evidence-based, so data collection is critical to determining the success of programs. Parent training is scheduled at the parent’s convenience and is open to all primary caregivers.

Parent Meetings: Parent meetings are a vital part of our treatment. Meetings with the parent/guardian ensure that the team understands your challenges and successes at home. This will lead to more effective teaching and generalization of skills. Home, school, and community-based services are also available to aid in the generalization of skills. These are all options that can be discussed at parent meetings.

One of the best ways to learn is through observation. Parents are encouraged to schedule observation times at the center. This will allow the parents to watch our skilled staff work with their child and to be able to ask questions.

The staff at CAC is committed to ensuring that you, as a parent/guardian, have the tools needed for your child to succeed.


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