Our Values

CAC is embarking on an exciting journey as an organization fully aligned with its values. Our staff at each location are engaged in the process of merging values in theory and in practice.

Excellent Care — we are committed to providing your child and family with the highest quality, most effective care that we can. Our team is at the front of our field in terms of bringing research into practice in order to benefit your child.

Integrity — we say what we mean and do what we say. We stay in integrity with our actions by treating each other with respect and by providing the care that we say that we will.

Discretionary Effort — this means that we do the small (and big) things to take care of each other. This could be vacuuming up after a session or sharing notes of appreciation. We all feel cared for and appreciated when we each do a little every day.

Wellness of Staff — it is important that staff care for themselves first to provide the highest quality care for your child. We support staff in separating work life from home life and in having time to re-fuel themselves.

Session Fulfillment — our service is predicated on a prescription of care for your child. We are committed to filling the sessions we prescribe. Our HR department is continually assessing our staffing needs to hire values-aligned staff to fulfill the needs of all of the children and young adults in our care.

Continuous Learning — we are more well-rounded as people when we commit to continuous learning. It does not matter whether we learn to make cake or fly a plane, we are committed to expanding our skill sets.

A values-aligned organization is one that leads with its values. We are committed to remaining a positive, mission-minded, and focused organization with healthy, well-balanced staff. In taking care of our staff, we believe your child, and our staff, will benefit.


How we make a difference

"I love working at CAC because I have always felt truly supported by my coworkers and supervisors. There's always someone to help with anything I could possibly imagine asking for. It's obvious how much we care about each other, even when you are new to the facility. CAC and its staff genuinely care to help us all maintain "full cups" so that we may best serve our clients."

— L. L., RBT, South

"Growing up, I had an older stepbrother who was diagnosed with autism. He was in and out of different treatment centers, none that used ABA and none that truly helped him. I am now an older sister to an amazing 9-year-old boy who is diagnosed with autism and has a beautiful mind. I found out about ABA therapy a little over a year ago and wanted to learn more about it and autism in general. After obtaining my RBT certification and joining the ABA therapy world, I found services that would help my little brother and found the community I wanted to help! This has been the best decision I have made, and I do not plan on leaving this field any time soon, especially since joining Children's Autism Center!"

— B. B., RBT, Angola

"CAC will always have a special place in my heart! The care and compassion of working towards our goal and mission are one of the main reasons why I love working at CAC."

— A. S., Lead RBT, South

"I love seeing the faces parents make when you share an accomplishment their child made! Being able to make a difference in someone's life is the reason I love working at CAC."

— S. A., Lead RBT, South

"One of my all-time favorite memories here at CAC is when one of my clients (who I started with) went to school! I remember working on potty training with him and programs to prepare him for school, and now he is thriving! A constant reminder of why I love what I do!"

— A. S., Apprentice, South

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